We believe that the Scripture is the Word of God

Inspiration of the Scripture: We believe that every word of Scripture is God-breathed and

inspired by God. 1 The inspiration is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit whereas certain

individuals were chosen as instruments to communicate the mind and the will of God. We

also affirm that the inspiration of Scripture was plenary, i.e. every part of the Scripture is

inspired rather than certain parts, concepts, or ideas.

Canonicity of the Scripture: We believe that the canon is divinely inspired and authorized.

The canon comprises of 39 Old Testament 2 and 27 New Testament books. 3 We affirm that the

church did not create but only recognized the canon. We also believe that God’s sovereignty

and providence rest in both the formation and the preservation of the canon. 4

Inerrancy of the Scripture: We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, i.e. it is free from

error in all of its teachings and wholly true in all that it affirms. The Scripture is flawless, 5

perfect, 6 true, 7 fulfilling, 8 eternal, 9 and unbreakable. 10 Thus the Scripture is trustworthy and

fully reliable when it is correctly interpreted and applied.

Authority of the Scripture: We believe the Scripture as the highest authority. We affirm

that God who has ordained the basis of salvation also has ordained the means by which

people have knowledge of salvation. 11 It is the rule of faith and practice in the church, which

is used to teach, rebuke, correct, train, and equip all believers.